10 Key Pieces for Summer

What should I wear this summer?

Well, this summer is all about light colours, linen, basket bags and espadrilles. But wait… that’s every summer! So, some of the following articles may already be in your closet (although the 2018 edition is better than ever), but I couldn’t help myself and not browse the sales for some summer scores! Here it goes:

mango-net-bag1. Mango net bag on sale now – HERE!

reserved-skirt2. Reserved contrast pleated skirt also on sale – get it THIS WAY!

uterque3. Uterque dream embellished satin shoes – HERE!

zara-crop-top4. Zara bohemian crop top – HERE!

mango-bag25. Mango beaded bag (inspired by the infamous Shrimps UK model but for a fraction of the price) – buy it HERE!

hm-hat6. H&m boater hat – shop THIS WAY!

zara-dots-dress7. Zara polka dots dress HERE!

linen-suit8. Massimo Dutti white linen suit – buy it HERE!

zara-swismuit9. Zara black and white swimsuit – get it THIS WAY!

espadriles10. Stradivarius nude satin espadrilles from HERE!







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