How to Upgrade your Kitchen Game with 5 Ikea Items

Yes, you’ve read correctly! With just a few, adorable, Ikea items, you can make your kitchen look extremely put together. Let’s see what’s on our shopping list:

1. A nice set of white plates! I believe these are the most important thing in the kitchen and if you have to choose only one item to invest in, plates are the winners. Not to mention how badly you need them for those Instagram flat lays. Get them HERE!


2. A salad bowl. This one’s so inexpensive, yet makes a great difference! And nobody says it’s exclusively for salads. Why not serve chips, popcorn or even candy in a nice bowl? Get it THIS WAY!


3. Clear spices containers! I don’t know about you, but I kind of hate the cabinet where I keep my spices. It looks so messy and unorganised with all the different packaging. So, why not transfer everything to clear, plastic containers and start living in an organisational dream? You can buy them HERE!


4. A butter container! Another packaging I hate as it’s both messy and not really aesthetically pleasing. So, with the help of this pretty piece, I can now butter my bread in style! Get it THIS WAY!


5. A cute set of knives! These are another kitchen essential, but nobody says they have to be boring. Why not try white ceramic ones? Or a bright yellow set? There are countless options, just get a set of 2 or 3 from HERE!




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