Rosacea: how to treat it properly



I will share a secret with you. Rosacea is an extremely frequent skin condition and it mostly consists of redness of the nose and cheeks, sometimes even of the chin and forehead and visible blood vessels. Also, it implies a tendency to blush or flush more frequently than other people and it is a manifestation of capillary fragility. But that’s not the secret, it’s just background information so you know what we’re talking about. The secret is that there are a few key elements in treating it and I’m going to share them all :

1. First of all, before tackling the actual treatment, there are a few lifestyle habits people with capillary fragility should remember. For the most part, they include avoiding extreme temperatures, such as sauna, avoiding spicy foods and alcohol and taking great care with sun exposure.

2. SPF. There are many face moisturizers meant for treating rosacea. But, honestly, the only lotion that actually works is SPF 50+ used daily. And for longer episodes of sun exposure, it should be reapplied every 2-3 hours for proper protection. SPF is not a rosacea treatment per se, but it is the key in preventing aggravation.

3. Laser! Regardless of  what skincare commercials say, no facecare product will be able to treat fragile vessels. It just can’t! But good news – laser can! Particularly, PDL or pulsed dye laser is the golden standard when it comes to vascular lesions. Rosacea is no exception as PDL has the proper wavelength to be absorbed by haemoglobin in the blood and it produces thermal coagulation of vessels, making redness disappear! While several sessions might be needed, this is the only treatment that actually works!


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