5 Must Haves for Spring

With all the trends out there, I bet you find yourself wondering what to buy this spring? Well, worry no more because here are the top 5 trends you should invest in. I promise no regrets!

Clipboard21: Baby Pink Hoodie

This one’s a no brainer: baby pink is the color of the moment and hoodies are really in, so there you have it – get a baby pink hoodie THIS WAY!

Clipboard52: Frilled blouse

This is the trend that’s got me bananas and I currently own way too many bell sleeved, frilled blouses, but you NEED to get at least one this season (if you can restrain yourself!). Get your hands on it HERE!

Clipboard43: Embroided denim

Ditch the boring skinny denim and start buying some highwaisted, straight leg mom jeans. If you’re feeling adventorous, why not get the embroided version that Gucci made us love so much? Get them THIS WAY!

1a4: Yellow Dress

Spring means color and what says color better than a bright yellow dress? The color is really having a moment, so hurry and buy it HERE!

Clipboard35: White Shoes

A few years back, I thought white shoes were the tackiest of them all, but I learned to never say never in fashion as now I’m waiting for my first pair of white kitten heels to arrive. Want your own? Find them HERE!

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