6 Must Have Items for November

It’s already November! And while I still can’t believe how 2016 flew by me, I do know what I’d like to wear this month. Let’s see:


1: Embroided denim

I’ve already recommended buying an embroided shirt in a previous post, but that’s hardly enough. This season, embroided denim is also a must and with all the pretty options out there, it was hard to pick a favorite. This Topshop skirt is definitely on top of my list and you can buy it HERE!


2: Puffer jacket

This month, I realized I don’t own a single sports jacket, but I’m drowning in coats. So, I needed to fix that and started looking. H&m came to the rescue with this gorgeous black puffer, which you can find HERE!


3: Pinafore

Pinafores never really go out of styles and paired with a turtleneck are perfect both for school and work. This denim number is not only pretty, but also on sale THIS WAY!


4: Velvet bag

I’m sure you already heard velvet is very in this season. I’ve already bought the perfect velvet dress, but now I’m craving more! This baby pink clutch is definitely next on the list – buy it HERE!


5: Latex skirt

For the girl who isn’t afraid of turning heads, a latex skirt is the perfect attire for a night out. I’m still debating on the color, but you can never go wrong with black! Find it THIS WAY!


6: Patent boots

This season, there are two types of boots you need: velvet and patent. While I’m still searching for the perfect velvet pair (I’m thinking of something loud and colorful), I already found the perfect pantent leather boots at Public Desire – get them HERE!

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