The Best 3 Apps for Learning a Foreign Language

I have always dreamt of being able to speak as many foreign languages as possible (5 is what I’m striving for, but still got a long way to go). In the past, I’ve tried tutoring and it surely helped, but with a new baby I find it impossible to make time for classes anymore. So, I turned to my trusty phone to see if it could help. Unsurprisingly, it can! After trying out a few different apps, I’ve decided upon my favorites:


1: Duolingo

The best thing about Duolingo is that it’s free! Also, it has quite a wide selection of languages to choose from and it’s really easy to use. The only downside is that it does not explain grammar rules very clearly, so I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. However, if you’re more of an intermediate, it’s a great app  for improving. With 10 minutes a day, you’ll see the difference in your vocabulary!

unnamed-12: Babbel

Sadly, with Babel you only get a few courses for free and you’ll have to pay for the rest. Still, they let you to get an impression of the app and decide if it’s suitable for you. I think it’s slightly better than Duolingo becaues it teaches in a clearer way, so you should definitely give it a try!


3: Busuu

Busuu is a fantastic app and the standard version is free. It is very well organized and every lesson consists of three parts: learn, memorize and quiz. It’s equally useful for beginners and intermediates and it’s currently my personal favorite!



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