3 Simple Ideas to Make Your Home Ready for Fall

Fall is officially here! We can see it and we can definitely feel it. Sadly, not leaving the house is not an option for most of us, but coming home to a cozy place should make up for fighting these chilly days. Here are 3 simple tricks to make your home ready for fall:

1: Light up some pretty candles

Sure you can burn candles all year round, but nothing compares to lighting up a vanilla tobacco scented candle on a chilly autumn evening. Need more after a tough day? Well, if you really want to feel spoiled, you could also pour yourself a glass of red wine and you have the perfect fall evening at home!

2: Bring out the blankets

A cozy blanket is a must once summer comes to an end. I’m currently loving these knitted options because they look pretty carelessly thrown over the couch, but they also feel super soft and cuddly. Pretty and cozy – what more is there to ask for in a blanket?

3: Make yourself a cup of tea

Mmm…I’m craving a caramel tea as I type this. Or maybe a chai latte? Doesn’t even matter as long as it’s hot and served from a gorgeous kettle into the cutest rose gold mug. Oh, and a cinnamon stick wouldn’t hurt, either!

All images via my Pinterest!

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