5 Must Haves for Back to School!

October is just around the corner, which means the start of a new year for University students. For the rest of us (old people already), fall is still very exciting from a “getting dressed in the morning” point of view due to how creative it allows us to be. So, let’s see what are 5 essential buys this fall:

clipboard11: Embroided Shirt

I got one word for you: Gucci! And, of course, I’m not referring to buying ridiculously expensive designer pieces, but one can get inspired by all the embroided, flowery patterns and interpret them in a personal way. For starters, an emboided shirt will do the trick and you can get it HERE!

clipboard22: Denim Jacket

Ideally, you already own a vintage, oversized denim jacket, but in case you don’t, no worries! There’s plenty “boyfriend” denim jackets out there that will give almost the same vibe and are a must this fall – buy yours HERE!

clipboard33: Velvet Shoes

Velvet is the biggest trend this season and I highly encourage you to get at least a velvet dress for nights out. But velvet during the day? Well, it’s not only permitted, but alo encouraged in the form of pretty shoes and you can find a gorgeous pair HERE!

clipboard44: Pleated Skirt

Your grandma would be so proud if she saw you in this season’s IT skirt! For the bolder, there are a lot of metallic skirts available, but I personally love this stiff grandma-chic version and can’t wait to get my hands on one. If you feel the same way, get it HERE!

clipboard55: Oversized Hoodie

You can blame it on Vetements, but the hoodie is back! This time, though, it has to be oversized and wearing it with pants is entirely optional. I believe this baby pink version is a great buy because the color softens up the entire look and you can find it HERE!

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