5 Easy Health Tips

Don’t we all love easy solutions for basically everything? So, this time, let’s see what we can do to become healthier in just 5 easy steps:

1: Spice up your water

You probably already know how important water is. But let’s face it: it’s not nearly as tasty as other (too rich in calories) drinks. So, in order to ease your way into drinking more water, why not add slices of lemon, cucumber or even fresh berries to your cup? Satisfaction guaranteed!

2: Snacking

We’re all busy pepple with little time to maintain a proper meal schedule. And when hunger strikes, we often end up grabbing an unhealthy snack to keep the energy levels up. In order to fight this habit, make sure you stuff your cupboards with healthy alternatives: almonds, cashews, dried fruit, whole grain crackers, banana and apples are just a few options that will help you stay away from that chocolate bar!

3: Easy smoothies

I love smoothies but when I’m rushing, I definitely won’t take the time to chop up all the ingredients to make them. So, I’ve found that prepping them in advance and freezing all the ingredients in a plastic bag saves so much time and helps me enjoy my green smoohies almost every day.

4: Yes to dessert

Often found yourself craving something sweet? I bet you did and you’re not the only one! Sure a tiny piece of chocolate won’t hurt, but if you struggle with portion control and one piece leads to an enitre candy bar, why not make yourself a healthy dessert instead? Freeze a banana, mix it with a cup of milk and cinamonn and you’re set – enjoy some nicecream!

5: Consistency

Let’s say your eating habits are on the right track, but you despise exercise and never work out saying you don’t have the time. Well, maybe you’ll be sursprised to find out that studies have illustrated that consistency is the most important thing when working out. Which means 20 minutes a day, 6 times a week is better than an hour and a half 2 times a week. Now don’t tell me you don’t have 20 minutes, just start working out!

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