3 Tips on Limiting Social Media

Aaah…social media! The problem we like to talk about without taking any action. Complaining how everybody is always with their noses burried in their phones? Trying to get a family member to stop checking Instagram during dinner? Lying in bed next to your husband while you both go through your Facebook feed? I know you must be dealing with at least one of these, so instead of just talking about the problem, let’s see what small steps we can take to change the way we behave. Let’s be the person who spends their time in a more intentional way and doesn’t get dragged in that social media hurricane!

1: No Notifications!

I’m sure you check your phone way too many times a day. And sometimes you’re just trying to see what time it is or if you’ve gotten any missed phone calls. But your screen informs you that 33 people liked your latest Instagram picture and you have a Facebook event near you today, so of course you’re gonna open those boxes and then browse these platforms for a little while. 20 minutes later, you still have your phone in your hand and your eyes glued to the screen! So why not turn off any notifications? If you have time to spare, you can check Facebook or Instagram WHEN you have the time. Not getting a new notifications every other minute allows you to better plan your online time and ultimately limit the time you spend scrolling through what others are doing!

2: Set barriers

Highly related to the first tip, this second one gravitates around the same idea: spend your time in a more intentional way! For instance, let’s say you’re an Instagram junkie like me, tempted to check it every half an hour and then can’t stop consuming that visual crack! You’ve identified the problem (yay! that was the easy part), now you just need to take action. In my case, I’ve made a set of rules, which include only checking it 3 times a day : morning, afternoon and evening (definitely not during meals!) and I’ll make an exception if I’m stuck somewhere with lotsof timeto spare waiting! These barriers help me make sure I don’t abuse the before mentioned platform and that I don’t lose track of my precious time!

3: Does this belong?

This may sound odd, but it’s a great question to ask yourself whenever you’re reaching for your phone! Say you’re having drinks with friends and haven’t checked your phone in forever, but is it really appropriate to grab it? Does it belong in the middle of your conversation and your little time together? And the same goes for countless social encounters or family time. Or maybe even office time! Don’t waste all your breaks staring at a screen, try to be present in the moment and interract with others and you’ll be surprised to discover all kinds of great people!

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