Quick Festival Fashion Guide

Festival season is on and everyone wants to look their best! So, this quick festival fashion guide is trying to highlight a few essentials and to establish what’s hot and what’s… not!

1: Leather Shorts

The choice is yours – black pleather shorts or fringed, suede ones – but you need a pair a.s.a.p! Wear them with  a bohemian shirt or a band tee and a pair of booties.

2: The Bandana

This year, forget about flower crowns and floppy hats and braid a bandana in your hair. Doubles as a scarf, wristlet or belt, so you know you need one!

3: A romper

A short playsuit is such a simple piece, yet looks so cool and put together. If you’re looking to be ready in no time, this one piece is your best friend!

4: Hair buns

If Kendall Jenner wears it, you know it’s gonna be an instant hit! This fuss free hairstyle could win you some bonus points with the fashion crowd if you splash glitter all over it!

5: The White Dress

This one’s a classic already, but that should not make us walk away! Maxi or mini, crochet or lace, the choices are endless as long as it looks boho chic!

All photos via my Pinterest!

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