3 Tips on How to Simplify Your Home

Ever felt jealous looking at beautiful, neat, perfectly organized homes? Ever dreamed you’d live in a similar space, but didn’t know where to start? Well, then let’s take 3 easy steps on the way to the perfect minimalistic interior:

24c5e3641dbc7301491b73943a33cea11: Limit colors

If you look up scandinavian home interiors, you’ll notice how simple, yet put together they look. Maybe at first you won’t be able to identify what it is that makes them so appealing and “clean” looking, but paying closer attention, you’ll see how they are so abundant in white,black and grey. If they’re looking for a splash of color, a green leafy plant is more than enough!

7d86a3bf3f11bb24f6dbad21be2123d22: Clear flat surfaces

Sure crystal bowls, cute boxes and candles can be a lovely addition to  your space, but if you’re lusting over that polished vibe, looking closely at every flat surface is a great place to start. Keep one or maybe two (at best) items you’ve chosen carefully on top of every table/desk/drawer and it’ll make a tremendous difference.

6ea15a2161deddb9a4ca8e2bea9ef5b63: Simply own less

How easy, no? If you don’t own that much, you won’t have to display/hide stuff in overstacked drawers and your space will look much neater. Start decluttering by taking a tour around your place and making an effort to look at every object, holding it in your hands and asking yourself two questions: “Do I use this?” and “Does this bring me joy?”. If you get two no’s, you know what to do! And once you’ve decluttered, limit the amount of items you bring into your home – it’s the only way to stay clutter-free!

Photos via my Pinterest!

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