Quick Guide on How to Buy Less

Trying to live a life less focused on buying and more orientated towards meaningful experiences can be a bit of a hustle in this consumerism society of ours. But it’s definitely worth the try as nobody should aspire to be defined by the “stuff” they own. I believe so far we can all agree! But the real problems emerge as soon as you start surfing the internet or exit the house and encounter temptation. How do we buy more based on intention/need and less based on impulse? For myself, I’ve come up with a small set of rules that I try to my best ability to follow. Here goes:

1:Make lists!

This is my number one rule, but it’s a tricky one. At the moment, my idea of a shopping list consists of merely 5 to 7 items that I want for the new season (trying the whole French Wardrobe thing) and I come up with it while gazing at my open closet. So, it’s basically a way to figure out just the necessary clothing (and one or two trendy items), which would actually benefit my current wardrobe situation. I carry the list with me at most times (in a super cute notebook) and try to stick to it as best as I can.

2: Wait!

Say you walk past a cute window display or somehow find yourself unintentionally entering a store and come across this gorgeous sequin dress you could totally wear to your friend’s party next week. But you don’t really need a new dress. But it also fits like a glove. But it’s not on the list! In the presence of such dilemma, just find the strength to walk away and think about it. Maybe give it a week? There’s high chances the dress won’t go anywhere during this period of time, but you might realize it’s not worth your money. And if you really can’t get it out of your head, it’s probably something that will serve you well and worth making an exception for!

3: Can you afford it?

And I don’t only mean financially, although that’s the starting point and no Louis Vuitton is worth a bank loan! When faced with a new potential purchase, I also try to think about the space it will take up, the maintenance and what I’ll be eating till the next paycheck. So, I highly recommend that you be strict with money, save up and don’t ever buy what you can’t afford because once the initial thrill wears off, you’ll find yourself feeling guilty and worried about your finances and your thoughts shouldn’t be consumed like this by…well, consumerism!

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