3 Beauty Hacks You’re Gonna Wish You Knew Sooner

Don’t we all want a perfect face? Or at least a perfect makeup to hide any blemishes? Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the smart use of makeup has saved me countless times and that I’ve learned most of it online. While I’m still gathering tips and tricks,  thought I’d share a few bits of wisdom:

A woman spraying herself1: Apply thermal water to help makeup stay put all day

Maybe you’re feeling tempted to buy some sort of expensive spray to apply at the end of your makeup so that it stays in place longer. Mac’s Fix+, for instance, is a great option. But what if I told you any kind of thermal water, sprayed on the face from a small distance, is just as good? Don’t take my word for it, give it a try!

qtips-for-lips-ts2: Use a cue tip to remove foundation from your lips

This is a makeup step I only recently discovered. After putting on foundation, inevitably, some of it ends up on your lips and makes them dry and chapped. So, after you’re done with foundation, press a cue tip onto your lips and make sure they’re clean. Any lipstick or lip gloss is gonna look so much better now!

80bf8625b9bdd0a7ba551c2548f8d8353: Use tape for the perfect cat eye outer line

Struggling with creating the perfect cat eye line? Welcome aboard! I can’t seem to perfect my technique no matter how hard I’ve tried, so I found a way to cheat – scotch tape! Apply a small piece from the outer corner of the eye up to the end of the brow and I promise you won’t be able to mess it up even if you’d want to!

All photos via Pinterest!

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