4 Gorgeous Bags That Won’t Break the Bank

I’m very much a bag person. And with my tendency to gravitate towards a simpler style when it comes to outfits, I need the right accessories to elevate the look and bring some interest. The following bags are very in for spring, but also come with a reasonable price tag. Enjoy your shopping!

zara-bag-leaf1: The Small Evening Bag

For those eventful nights, this bag is pure perfection. It’s the perfect size for your bare necessities and the metallic leaf instantly transforms it into a conversation starter. You can get your own HERE!

topshop-backpack2: The Perfect Backpack

You need a good backpack for busy days! And this light grey version will fit everything you need while providing a cool, effortless vibe. What else could you ask for? Hurry and get it HERE!

topshop-bag3: The Snakeskin Bag

You’ve probably seen snakeskin boots popping up everywhere, but incorporating this very “in” pattern into a beautiful bag is a more subtle take on the trend and will surely elevate even the simplest of outfits. Get it HERE!

zara-black-bag4: The Everyday Black Bag

I saved the best for last! I believe we all need a sturdy black bag that goes with everything and this gold chained number is both super pretty and functional. Also, it looks way more expensive than what you’ll actually pay for it THIS WAY!

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