5 Questions for Smart Sales Shopping

Sales are not an easy time. For me, at least, they aren’t! But since I’m trying really hard not to fail at the whole responsible adult thing, I’ve come up with a small list of 5 questions to ask myself before making new and tempting purchases. See if you can draw some inspiration below:

1: Is this on my wishlist?

I believe you should clean and curate your closet periodically. And whenever you do so, you should also pay attention to what’s missing and what could really benefit your wardrobe. So, grab a pen and make a small shopping wishlist! Next time you hit the shops, try to stick to your list – it’ll save you a fortune and help build your dream closet!

2: Is this really my style?

I get it, you see ridiculous prices on somewhat interesting items and feel compelled to buy. But as your style matures, you should really try to stick to what’s already proven to work on you. If something is too trendy, too short or simply too out of place, leave it on the rack. You’re better off without it, no matter how cheap!

3: Would I buy this full price?

This is a great question because it will help you identify the reason for your purchase. If it’s something you really like and see yourself wearing, you should have no problem saying yes. But if you’re thinking “I’d never get this full price”, you’re probably more tempted by the idea of a bargain than by the item itself. Just let it go!

4: Does it go with the rest of my clothes?

Cohesion is not easy to achieve and its lacking is the reason some women, in spite of shopping every month, have nothing to wear. Sure a dress does not need to go with much, but for separates, it’s essential to imagine at least 3 outfits you could create (with items you already own) before taking it to the cash register!

5: Can I imagine this hanging in my closet?

This is another imagination exercise, which proved really useful to me. I like my closet clean and organized and I also know which colors I prefer, so picturing an item inside my closet gives me a better insight on whether it really works with the rest of my clothes, or it’s just an impulse buy and will end up abandoned in a corner!

If you got 5 out of 5 answered with an “yes”, you have a clear winner! If you were not so sure about some of the questions, sleep on it and maybe go back the following days. For less than 3, don’t even bother!

And now, let’s go shopping!

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