How To Get a Perfectly Organized Closet

While huge closet space is a privilege of either the single, or the extremely wealthy, good closet organization is not! Let’s go through 5 easy tips that will cost you next to nothing, but will help a lot with finding everything and creating fabulous outfits!

ffe60d9d8ae9a172477995d231f73c1e1: Buy identical wire hangers and hang almost everything!

This is your starting point! After you get the right number of hangers, start hanging every piece separately: tops, dresses, outerwear. Also, buy skirt and pant hangers and hang those, too. The only things that should be folded are basic t-shirts, jeans and knitwear!

81dc590dbc41151f4ebc95b2d26a35012: Color coordinate!

This will literaly save your life as you’ll be able to plan outfits much quicker (and notice if you have too much of something!). Start with whites and slowly work your way to the darks going through beige, baby blue and grey. You can let colorful items at the end for a very polished wardrobe!

0bff52a7e7320ca34a92ed66d7d4ff7b3: Use drawer dividers!

For socks, lenjerie and jewelry, drawer dividers (a steal at Ikea) work wonders. You can also use them for scarfs and belts, just see how many drawers you have and start dividing them all!

c2a9c66bfac0ffa6f929e46e996ccd9e4: Buy a white clothing rack!

Why? Because it’s sooo pretty and looks Pinterest ready! Kidding, it’s also a really practical addition to your wardrobe as it can help you plan outfits of the week in advance. Goodbye mornings when you have nothing to wear!

17d6637b8d037a950ffe2ec69ec1dcd55: Get a full body mirror!

Another practical piece that doubles as pretty decor! A full length, white or metallic mirror is both beautiful and necesary and if possible, should be in the same room as your closet. How else would you be able to experiment with different styles and decide what’s the best look for you?

All photos via my Pinterest!







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