6 Must Have Items for November

November is almost gone and it was a great shopping month. Surprisingly, I managed to behave myself in spite of all the Black Friday deals we were being attacked by and only chose a few necessary pieces. Here are my top picks this month with all the links provided below!


1: Black OTK Boots

Over the knee boots have been around for a few years and somehow I manage to buy a new pair every year… But this time I think I finally found the perfect pair: black suede, small heel, amazing! Get them HERE!


2: The Lace Up Blouse

PNK Casual is a great brand, making sleek, sophisticated pieces that are also on trend. Here you have the perfect proof – a more luxurious take on the lace up blouse we’ve been seing everywhere. It comes in 3 different colors, but this light grey is my favorite and you can find it HERE!


3: Denim Overalls

Not everyone’s cup of tea, denim overalls can either look uber cool or uber childish! Especially in a blue wash, I find it quite difficult to accessorize them properly. But in black? Now we’re talking – get them THIS WAY!


4: The Faux Fur Coat 

Once again, one of those pieces I need a new one of every year. And since black goes with just everything, this could easily become my go-to for winter! Get your own HERE!


5: The Marble Earrings 

Marble is a big trend at the moment, especially when it comes to home decor. Well, the print also looks great on phone cases (just ordered a bunch of those). But marble jewelry? Now, that’s highly creative and quite beautiful! You can shop these earrings HERE!


6: The Fringed Sweater

So, we all know the 70’s have had a moment this fall with suede, kimonos and fringes all over the place. And somehow, fringes have managed to make it into winter, as well. This sweater is a polished take on the trend and I need to get my hands on it! You can buy it OVER HERE!


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