5 Super Chic Cold Weather Accessories

Getting through winter without hats, scarves and gloves (all at once) simply does not seem possible to me. So, even though you have to bundle up, no need to look any less stylish. Here is a small list of chic, affordable and cozy accesories that will get you through winter in style!


1: The Faux Fur Collar 

You need a fur scarf this season – it keeps you warm while looking truly sophisticated and it elevates any plain coat you may grow tired of. You can find several options, there’s a lot of colorful, patchwork versions out there, so feel free to go wild THIS WAY!

zara-hat2: The Felt Hat

Hats are life savers whenever you have a bad/greasy/dark roots hair day and also keep you warm while looking a little mysterious. This orange version is just unusual enough to be perfect and you can buy it HERE!


3: Leather Gloves

Out of all the possible glove options, I find nothing beats black leather. Well, maybe burgundy leather?! Anyway, you need a pair this winter and you can get them THIS WAY!


4: The Plaid Scarf

Let’s face it: you can’t go through 3 months of cold with just a fur scarf. So, you need at least one more works-with-everything piece. This huge, plaid, Zara scarf is super cozy and there’s nothing it doesn’t go with! Shop it HERE!


5: The Message Beanie

Black beanies are another winter must and look good on pretty much everyone. A fun little text in the front brings a bit more interest to your look, so why not? Winter doesn’t have to be boring! Get yours HERE!

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