6 Must Have Items for October

Making wishlists is one of my guilty pleasures! Whenever I put something down in writing, I can de-clutter my thoughts and start worrying less. But it’s also such a dangerous thing as I end up trying to purchase everything on the list – just the feeling of crossing it off is deeply satisfying. Last time I uploaded a similar post, about a month ago (and I do intend to keep them coming once a month), I also purchased 4 out of 6 items. Let’s see how I do this time around (P.S: Note that I already ordered 2 out of these – damn you wishlist making)!


1: The Oversized Coat

A coat for the cold months? Nothing groundbreaking, but oh, so necessary! I particularly like this light gray and I love how simple it is to tie it around the waist, no buttoning to take up our precious time! Not to mention it would look fabulous with an embellished vintage belt! Find it HERE!


2: The Knit Dress

I love knit dresses during the colder months as they make the task of getting dressed really simple. Also, they keep you warm and are very in this season! This nude version looks very sophisticated and I’d love to pair it with other neutrals, such as white, black or gray. Get your own THIS WAY!


3: The Victorian Shirt

I’ve been on the hunt for one of these ever since I was a teenager. Luckily, they’re really in style this fall and Zara provides a wide range of options to choose from. They also come in a varitey of colors, but there’s nothing quite like a crisp white shirt! You can buy this particular one HERE!


4: The Velvet Boots

I’m obsessed with black boots and need to buy multiple pairs every season. But I know I’m not the only one! So, for all the other boot lovers out there, why not try and spice things up this fall by opting for a velvet pair? This H&M version is affordable while still looking great and you can get it HERE!


5: The Burgundy Bag

This color is just perfect for the cold months! And since it’s been around for a while, you probably already own at least a burgundy sweater or a nice pair of deep red skinny jeans. So, this time around, why not get an adorable burgundy backpack to cheer up gloomy days? Get your own THIS WAY!


6: The Lace Up Bodysuit

The hottest top of the season has to be a lace up bodysuit. And just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean we no longer get festive occasions (read party every weekend like we did last summer). Well, in case you were wondering, now you know what to wear to the next party – you’re welcome! Get this bodysuit HERE!

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