5 Tips To Make All Your Outfits Look More Expensive

Ever wondered why some of the simplest outfits look so sophisticated while others are plain boring and unwearable? We all dream about that luxe simplicity, but it’s not that easy to achieve it on a budget! So here’s some pointers on how to make your outfits look more expensive:


1.Hair? – done!

A look is not ony about clothes! And while I’m a huge fan of the messy, just rolled out of bed hairstyle, let’s face it: not everybody can pull it off. So, what I’m trying to say is to pay equal attention to hair and makeup – always have at least clean, blow dried hair and a simple makeup on. And maybe from time to time, use that curling iron, too? Just make sure that you look polished from the neck up!


2. Fabrics!

Most of us can’t break the bank in order to dress ourselves in designer attire, but there are some good habits you can adopt in order to elevate your look. And fabrics are essential! So swap polyester for fabrics like cotton, linen and wool and you’ll notice a huge difference!


3. Accesorize!

This is another very important point because even though you’ve checked number 1 and 2, you’re far from finished as cheap accesories can ruin the entire look. It’s not designer shoes and bags that I’m advocating (although one designer bag a year instead of five pleather ones could be a good idea, too), but simple, high quality accesories. For bags, go for a black or beige color with very little hardware and preferably leather and for the shoes, choose comfort and simplicity!


4. Perfectly tailored

Now that we’ve talked fabrics and accesorizing, fit is another essential aspect! Don’t be afraid to get your clothes altered! It’s only natural that mass produced items can’t fit everyone perfectly, but if you get yourself a good taior and adjust those shoulders or that waist, clothes will look like a second skin!


5. Color scheme

Black and white alongside camel, gray and baby blue are your best friends! When you want a pop of color, how about a red lipstick or a burgundy scarf? Try to add as many neutrals to your closet and you’ll see how suddenly everything matches and not only a few, but all of your outfits look more refined!

All photos via Pinterest!

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  1. Keit says:

    Sometimes designer doesn’t necessary mean quality, a lot of famous designers are still producing stuff in dodgy places and with dodgy materials, but I do agree that a good quality more expensive investment like a real leather bag is a more sane option than 10 crappy bags 😀
    Also great tip about the fabric. I’ve noticed that as well, cashmere, cotton, wool all feel and look much better ^_^
    The color palette is something I have never tried, but will most certainly do now, seems like a great idea!


    1. sundayclick says:

      I totally agree with you on the whole designer thing, but when it comes to bags, I have an unhealthy obsession! I’m working on it though, fingers crossed for me 🙂


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