5 Life Changing Tricks to Lose Weight and Become Healthier

Weight is a very sensitive topic, but one we’re all interested in. So, after a lot of research and lessons learned the hard way, I believe I’m ready to share 5 life changing tips, which are both very easy to follow and very useful. Here’s my lazy girl guide to a healthier lifestyle:

1.Color counts!

If you switch white for brown everytime possible, you’re one step closer to a healthy lifestyle. This one goes out to flour, pasta, rice, bread and sugar and once you do the swap, you’ll realize it will be easier to stay full for a longer period of time (because of a higher nutritional value) and avoid those sugary snacks in between meals!

2.Use your phone!

There’s a lot of apps out there to help you lose a few pounds. I tried Noom Couch and found it really useful as it firstly sets the number of calories you’re supposed to eat each day (depending on your weight goal), but then also teaches you a lot about which are the healthier foods and portion control.

3.It’s time for a scale!

In case you don’t own one already, a kitchen scale is a really inexpensive instrument that is essential in the weight loss fight. Even though you believe your diet is quite healthy, portion control is hard to manage. Try to not go over 200 g with your side dish (especially if it’s mostly carbs), you’ll notice it’s enough to feel full, but a lot less than what you used to eat.

4.Drinks, anyone?

You’re probably sick of hearing this, but water is your best friend and the only thing you need in order to hydrate. Of course, coffee and tea are also good options, as is soup, but no more soda! Sugar, calories and no nutritional value are not health friendly words!


No, I’m not talking about your number of followers on Instagram, I’m talking about steps. Studies have shown 10.000 steps a day are ideal to keep you in shape (and in good health)! So, if you’re not friends with the gym, walking to work every day and generally trying to stay active, combined with a healthy diet might be just what your body needs!

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