The Culottes


This is one piece of clothing I’ve been trying to get away from as I found culottes very unattractive and anything but flattering. But I cave in to their comfort. You see, it’s like you’re wearing fashionable pijamas all day long and who can say no to that? Of course, high heels are in demand when trying to pull off culottes but I’ve been waiting for the chance to break in these Zara shoes for the longest time. Also, the vest makes the entire look more put together and balances all the volume at the bottom. Thoughts? Would you wear culottes? How would you style them?







I was wearing: top, vest, culottes and shoes – Zara; backpack – Steve Madden from

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yoonae says:

    Superb outfit-ul, imi plac toate elementele si combinatia dintre ele ♥ si te prinde foarte bine!


    1. sundayclick says:

      Iti multumesc mult 🙂


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