When it comes to packing, I’m pretty much a disaster and always fail to do it lightly! Surprisingly, our vacation in the Dominicn Republic was an exception and I managed to pack a suitcase that was way under weight, but still had enough outfits for all possible ocassions. I think the secret lies in packing dresses and jumpsuits as you’re set for the day with just one piece. This white romper from Choies was perfect from the morning at the pool till the evening at the beach party, so in case you still didn’t buy one, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself at least two jumpsuits for the summer!





I was wearing: jumpsuit – Choies; sandals – Primark; sunglasses – Zara.

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  1. kittenhood says:

    Packing is too hard! I always get the wrong stuff for the weather. Lovely place you chose for you vacation!


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