3 Easy Breakfasts for Busy Days

1: Nana icecream

Yes, it’s an abreviation from banana and the only effort it takes is putting a banana in the freezer before you go to bed. As soon as you wake up, you throw it in the blender, with one cup of milk (soy or almond milk works even better) and you serve it with oats, almonds and berries for a delicous start of the day. Depending on your time schedule and creativity, you can also add mango, strawberries or cinnamon in the blender, there’s really no rules for this one!

2: Toast with fried eggs and avocado

I love eating eggs in the morning! Usually, I’d boiled two, add one tomato and a slice of toast and I’d be done. But sometimes, I get really tired of the same old thing (as we all do, don’t we?) and this recipe puts those eggs to the use just a little bit better. While you’ve placed your bread in the toaster, take one soft avocado, mash it with a pinch of salt and fry two eggs in olive oil with a bit of pepper on top. When they’re done, you spread your avocado all over the toast, put the egg on top and you’re done! It’s delicious!

3: Green smoothie

Sometimes a liquid breakfast that you can easily take with you on the way to work is the best idea. There are tons of recipes for a green smoothie out there, but my personal favorite consists of the following: a handful of baby spinach, 4-5 salad leaves, 1 stick of apio, 1 apple, 1 banana and a half of a lemon. You blend it all and you’re set! In case you want some extra sweetness, a few slices of pineapple go really well, too.

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  1. Delicious, I would love to try the nanas ice cream.

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’


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